Year 6

Summer Term 2021 Topic

Welcome back to school!

We hope you all enjoyed a lovely break over Easter! Many thanks for all your support during the Spring Term; the children were fantastic in adapting to the new routine of home learning and then coming back into school. The children really did work their socks off last term and you should be very proud.

It is hard to believe that Y6 have reached their last term at our school! We’ve got a busy time ahead with Confirmation and I know that the time will fly! As part of their preparations for Confirmation, this term the children will be busy researching the lives of saints to select the name of a saint who will inspire them in their future lives.

This term we will also be preparing the children with their transition to their new high schools. This is a big step for them and we will make sure that they are ready for the new challenges ahead as they begin this exciting new chapter in September. We’ll all be very sorry to see them leave!

We will continue to be teaching a variety of different subjects in Y6 and the children will enjoy a full and rich curriculum. We will continue to read our class novel, ‘The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas’ by John Boyne, which the children have thoroughly enjoyed so far. They have been an excellent class and are wonderful role models for the younger children of our school. We cannot stress enough just how proud of them we all are.

Here is a taster of just some of the things we will be learning:


  • Free verse poetry
  • Narrative writing with flash backs
  • Play scripts
  • Comparing poems


  • Immediate recall of times tables and associated division facts
  • Mental and written methods for addition and subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Fractions, Decimals and percentages
  • Area and perimeter
  • Statistics
  • Revision of all mathematical concepts
Science / D&T

·       Electricity & circuits



·       Developed / developing countries

·       Industrial areas and ports



·       Easter

·       Pentecost

·       Baptism & Confirmation

·       Belonging To The Church Community



·       Printing techniques;

·       Experimenting with tone, shading, light and dark to create art.



·       Programming

·       Digital Literacy

·       E-Safety



·       Athletics

·       Rounders



·       Ancient Maya



Year 6 Summer 2021 Class Newsletter




Week commencing 15th March - here's what Year 6 have been doing this week ...

Year 6 have worked brilliantly during Science Week. We have been designing and building durable structures in the 'Egg Drop Challenge', reflecting shapes in Maths, experimenting with creative gestures and movements in PE and much more!


Autumn Term 2020 Topic

After a refreshing break over the summer it’s so nice to welcome you all to the start of a new school year at St George and St Martin Catholic Academy and to Year 6! After a long time apart we are so looking forward to teaching your children in their last year at our school!  We have a busy year ahead and the children have made an enthusiastic start especially in their new role as leaders of our school.

It is already clear that the children are eager to sink their teeth into all of their new learning. We will be teaching a variety of different subjects in Year 6 and the children will enjoy a full and rich curriculum that covers all the subjects in the National Curriculum. We have begun reading our first novel, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, by our class author Michael Morpurgo. The children will love reading this, and it will help develop both the children’s reading and writing skills.

In Maths this term we will be learning about:

  • Immediate recall of times tables and related division facts
  • Mental and written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Place value and rounding

It is clear we have an exciting term ahead!

Autumn Newsletter 2020 Year 6