Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome to our first term in Year 5. I hope you have all had a lovely summer break. We have a very busy term ahead full of learning through our topic ‘Battles’.

Next week, we will be launching our topic through a range of exciting activities and it is clear that the children are very excited to begin discovering what happened in different battles and why. We will be learning about a variety of battles from the Battle of Waterloo to World War One, focussing on the history and context of each battle as well as comparing them to each other.

The children will continue to learn through a Creative Curriculum in cross-curricular lessons which will cover all areas of the National Curriculum. Here are some of the activities that the children may be doing in the next term.  In some cases the activities will be guided by the children’s interests.


  • Study, contrast and comparison of a range of British battles throughout history.
  • Designing and building WW1 trench dioramas
  • Battle scene artwork
  • Biology


  • Newspaper Articles
  • Non Chronological Reports
  • Persuasive Writing
  • Diary Entries
  • Biographies
  • Poetry


  • Mental and written calculations for everyday situations involving all four operations
  • Recall quickly multiplication and division facts for all times tables.
  • Place value and rounding numbers
  • Negative Numbers


  • Creation
  • Parables
  • Advent