Year 5

Spring Term 2021 Topic

Hello and welcome back to another term at St George and St Martin’s. While this term is certainly not an ordinary one, we are still looking forward to an excellent term in year 5. We have many exciting things to learn in each of the subjects in our curriculum in Year 5. Through our online learning we will be exploring new topics and skills across the curriculum. Below is a taster of some of the work we will be doing over the coming months…

In our Writing lessons we will be looking at the follow genres.
- Instructions and Explanations
- Narrative Poems
- Newspaper Reports
- Choral Poetry
- Myth writing.

We will also continue our reading and spelling work alongside our writing lessons.

Topic that we will cover this term in maths are…
- Multiplication and division
- Area and Perimeter
- Fractions
- Decimals and percentages


Units that we will cover this term in RE are…

Unit D – Christmas

Unit F – Parables

Unit G – Lent

Unit H – Holy Week

Our focus in science this term will be Materials. We will be looking at their properties, how they change and the effect of forces.

Our focus in History this term is the Ancient Greeks. We will be studying the chronology of the Ancient Greek empire, their achievements, housing, entertainment, society (focusing on Athens and Sparta) and beliefs.

Our main focus in Geography this term will be rainforests, looking more specifically at biomes. We will also recap knowledge of the British Isles and the countries and capitals of Europe.
Our primary focus in Art this term will be the life and work of the artist Henri Rousseau. This links to our Geography work on rainforests. We will look at the style of Henri Rousseau and work to create mood and emotion in our work.
Design and Technology
Our topic in Design and Technology is Mechanisms. We will look specifically at levers, gears and pulleys. We will research, design, create and evaluate a product based on this focus.


As the majority of our learning is online this term we will continue with our Health Related Exercise tasks for most of our PE lessons.

Our first focus for this term in computing will be how to Create, store and retrieve digital content. This will have an emphasis on PowerPoint skills.
We will also be looking at computer systems and networks, the internet, website sharing, and online content. (linking to e-safety.)
This term in our French lesson we will be learning lots of new vocabulary around topics such as school subjects and personal information (age, nationality etc.) Throughout our French lessons we will be looking at grammar including gender and articles.

We have two main topics in our RHE learning this term…

Belonging – We will be learning about celebrating differences, special people, safe spaces and helping other to belong.

Careers – In our careers work we will focus on stereotypes and jobs in our community
(Some careers we may look at – actor, chef, nurse, carpenter, designer, pharmacist, construction worker, architect,) engineer, flight attendant, lifeguard, postal worker.



Autumn Term 2020 Topic

Hello! Welcome back to another Year at St George and St Martin’s, we are all looking forward to what promises to be a fantastic and fun filled year. We have many exciting things to learn in each of the subjects in our curriculum in Year 5. We will be exploring the Anglo-Saxons in History, traveling to the Americas in Geography and studying the work of Salvador Dali amongst others in our Art lessons. We will also be keeping active in PE focusing on our fitness and dancing. As always we will be looking at e-safety in our computing lessons and we will also be building on our programming skills. Meanwhile, in Science we will be exploring living things and their habitats.

Below is a taster of some of the work we will be doing in English, Maths and RE…


Non-chronological reports

Modern Poetry



Narrative poems

(Spelling, handwriting and reading.)


Place Value

Addition and Subtraction

Multiplication and division


Perimeter and Area



Miracles and the sacrament of the sick



Autumn Newsletter 2020 Year 5

Week commencing 16th November - here's what Year 5 class have been doing this week ...

In computing, Year 5 have been using SCRATCH to create some truly fantastic maze games!  The children have designed, planned, created and debugged their own programmes and were delighted to have been able to code a playable game,  Well done Year 5!

Year 5 have been studying gestation in science and today have looked at the different stages of development for a foetus.  They were amazed by some of the facts we found out about how a baby grows!