Year 4

Spring Term 2020 Topic

This term in Year 4 we’re taking a trip to a cultural and fun-filled country, as we explore life now and during the Romans in our wonderful new topic, “Italy,” which will be taught through a Creative Curriculum. We began with our Launch Day on Monday 6th January,  when we learned lots about what life is like in Italy, including their culture, food and famous landmarks. We also pretended to be soldiers in a Roman army, marching towards our enemy and invading villages. We had a very fun day!

Here is a taster of just some of the things Year 4 will be learning and exploring...


In English-

Reading / comprehension

Persuasive letters

Non-chronological reports

Play scripts

Instructions/ recipes

Story writing



In Maths-



Problem solving and reasoning





In Topic-

Comparing similarities and differences between the UK and Italy on a map, through geographical features and daily life.

Exploring famous volcanoes and earthquakes to discover how they work.

Learning key information about famous landmarks and building our own.

Exploring Italian art styles and artists.

Designing and making our own Italian food.

Roman timelines and exploring key events.

Learning about invasion and the impact this had on history.

Designing and making our own Roman jewellery and shields.


In RE –

E Jesus: Light of the World and Beloved Son

F Old Testament- Moses- King David

G Lent- Living as followers of Jesus today

H Holy Week.

Year 4 Spring 2020 Newsletter

Autumn Term 2019 Topic

Welcome back to the start of a new year at St. George & St. Martin Catholic Academy.  I hope everybody has had a fun-filled, safe and happy summer! We are settling into Year 4 well and I feel very excited about the year ahead with the children. This newsletter will give you more information about what is going on in the classroom and what the   children will be learning.

This term is going to run like clockwork in Year 4 because our topic is ’Robots” which will be taught through a Creative Curriculum. We began with our Launch Day on Monday 9th September, when we joined in with lots of robot themed activities including art work, paper models, collage and decorating biscuits.

The children will learn in cross-curricular lessons which will cover all areas of the National Curriculum.

Here is a taster of just some of the things Year 4 will be learning...

In English-

  • Poetry
  • Diaries
  • Newspaper articles
  • Instructions
  • Story writing
  • Explanation texts

In Maths-

  • Place Value
  • Number: Addition and Subtraction
  • Number: Multiplication and Division
  • Measurement: Area and Perimeter
  • Measurement: Time

In RE –

  • Creation and the story of Abraham
  • Jesus teaches us how to pray
  • Advent
  • Christmas

In Topic-

  • Plan and sequence instructions on a robot for a specific outcome.
  • Design and make robots incorporating circuits to make a bulb light up.
  • Position and direction using co-ordinates and mathematical language.
  • Discover the history behind the creation of robots and how their purposes have developed.
  • Launch robots into space.
  • Art– taking inspiration from Eric Joyner and Karl Egenberger.

Year 4 Autumn Term 2019 Newsletter