Year 4

Summer Term 2021 Topic

Welcome back to the final term of this academic year! I can’t quite believe it! It’s been another funny old year, but here we are, the final stretch before your darlings move to the next year group! I hope you all managed to have a lovely and peaceful break over Easter, and are feeling ready for this action packed term! There is so much going on, including more exciting things in our curriculum, and for many of the Year 4 children, Reconciliation and First Holy Communion (“Finally!” I hear you shout!) This newsletter will give you more information about what is going on in the classroom and what the children will be learning.

Our new approach to the curriculum is proving to be extremely beneficial to the children, so again we will continue with subject specific lessons, rather than them being focused around one huge topic.

Here is a taster of just some of the things that we will be aiming for in Year 4 this term...

In English-




Reading skills and questions


Discussion balanced argument

Story with chapters

Formal letters


In Maths-


Measurement: Money

Measurement: Time



Position and direction


In Science-

Solids, liquids and gasses.



In RE – 

FHC Preparations



Sharing in the Life of Christ

Special Roles and Responsibilities


In History-

The Ancient Egyptians!


In Geography-

Volcanoes and earthquakes

Water cycle and rivers

World Map


In Computing-

Word processing



In D&T-

Creating a food product with a creative element.

Creating a product with an electrical element.


In Art-

Styles of artists


Showing reflections




Changing bodies

Life cycles

Sharing online

Physical contact

What is the Church?

How do I love others?


In PE-



Health related exercises

Year 4 Summer 2021 Class Newsletter



Spring Term 2021 Topic

Although things are a little bit different at the moment, we still have lots planned in Year 4. Some of us will still be learning at school, while some of us will be learning from our homes. Either way, we will all be joining in with the same lessons and activities!
We will be trying our best to cover all areas of the curriculum, maybe not in the way that we would during “normal” times in our classroom, but we’ll give it a good go with these new circumstances. Here is a taster of some of the things that Year 4 will be learning and exploring...
In English-
Reading / comprehension
Spelling and Handwriting 
Imaginative stories
Persuasive advertisements and arguments
Fairy Tales and Play Scripts
In Maths-
In RE – 
E Jesus: Light of the World and Beloved Son
F Old Testament- Moses- King David
G Lent- Living as followers of Jesus today
H Holy Week
In Science-
Living things
In History-
The Roman Empire
Invasion of Britain
In Geography-
Weather and climate
Countries in Southern and Northern hemisphere
Countries in Europe
Countries around the Mediterranean Sea
Capitals on these
Capital cities around the World
In Art-
Art from historical periods
Line, tone, shape, colour, movement
Mosaic printing
Engraved and embossed printing
In D&T-
Start to learn about the process of making bread
Bread around the world
In French-
The alphabet
Ancient Britain
The Romans
In Computing-
Word processing
Resilience and coping
In PE-

Week commencing 22.02. 21 ... here's what Year 4 have been doing this week.

In Science we are learning about living things and their habitats. This week we have been learning about what it means for species to become endangered or extinct. The children have researched a list of animals that are on the endangered list, learned about the conservation status (concern, vulnerable, endangered, critically endangered) and then chosen one to do more specific research on. They then created fact files and posters to try to raise the awareness of the risk that these animals are at.

Week commencing 08.01. 21 ... here's what Year 4 have been doing this week.

Modern poetry- Free Verse, meaning there are no rules. We explored, planned and wrote poems this week after doing grammar work last week (alliteration, similes and onomatopoeia)

We took the idea of having a magical treasure box (powerpoint and copy of original poem below) that could hold any of our favourite things. The pupil's have created some really gorgeous poems.

Click on the link below to view the powerpoint presentation.

Free Verse Poetry

I will put in my box… By William Platt
I will put in my box,
The glistening gleaming waterfall
The sunny smiles of people
The waves crashing against the shore

I will put in my box,
The big blue birds tweeting
The sausages sizzling on the sand
The fantastic Cornish pasties

I will put in my box,
The sensational smell of a barbeque
The cheesy cheese and bacon bap
The fresh baked bread from a bakery.

I will fly through waterfalls in my box
I will love my box with my friends and family.

I will put in my box… By Lila Blunt

I will put in my box,
A swish of animal fur
A toy from my grandparents past, Even a little small flower
Alpacas fur, my giant toy seal, even a hug from my mum.

I will put in my box,
Animal fur, blanket fur and a cosy cute toy
My favourite music,
My oh-so-cute gerbils, love and happiness.

You will hear the oceans crystal blue waves,
Swish, swash it goes.

I will relax in my box,

I will decorate my box with fluffy animal fur,

I will sit on the grass, look at the clouds,

And fall asleep.

In my box I will put… By Caitlin Reynolds

In my box I will put,
Beach and summer,
Boys and girls, giggle, giggle, giggle,
Summer sun splashing on my face.

In my box I will put,
Warm soft clothes around me,
My dog as soft as a pillow
Warm radiator beaming on me.

In my box I will put,
Hot chocolate and sweets,
Food and barbeques
Pizza and pasta.

I will play in my box,
Friends and family
Pets and toys too.

I will put in my box… By Amelya Hunt

I will put in my box,
The fascinating, swishing waves,
With the beach full of laughter,
And giggles from my family.

I will put in my box,
My cute cheeky kitten,
The beach with the small smooth sand and waves.

I will put in my box,
The beautiful scent of the tasty chocolate,
With the smell of a new house.

I will live in my box
With all of my family
Sit back and listen to the crashing waves
And my families love.

I will put in my box… By Ollie-Scott Farmer

I will put in my box,
The waves crashing and swishing on the beach shore,
The glittering galaxy in the north sky,
A birds tweeting and twooting in the trees.

I will put in my box,
A meadow of beautiful of lavenders,
A fantastic fresh pizza from the oven,
My marvellous mum as kind as a butterfly.

I will put in my box,
A bakery full of sweets and chocolates,
A plate of pancakes as delicious as a barbeque,
The cutest dog ever.

I will explore in my box,
The ocean line of the Indian sea,
A countryside of colourful flowers,

The wall of China as long as a giraffe,
And that’s what I put in my box.





I will put in my box… By Tayla Tolentino

I will put in my box,
My dog, she's as cute as a button
Black as dark as night,
Calm, crazy, cute and cuddly. Woof woof!

I will put in my box,
Water, cold and freezing,
As cold as today and tonight,
Blue or white anything I like.

I will put in my box,
Sand, silly, fun, cool,
It makes me as happy as a fun fair,
You don’t need sun to have fun.

I will play in my box,
My rabbit and dog oh good let's play,
Flurry as my bed made up,
I don’t think there is anything else except,
My fun, happy family for me.

I will put in my box… By Harry McCarthy

I will put in my box,
My smelly old fish,
My music, my chicken nuggets.

I will put in my box,
A baby's skin, my teddy,
My dog that I love.

I will put in my box,
My family, my snowman
My hot chocolate.

I will put in my box,
My teachers and my friends
My lovely, lovely brother.

I will relax in my box,
With my family,
And I will watch TV,
And I will sleep in my box.

I will put in my box… By Rayan Doodman

I will put in my box,
The beach like wheat,
And the water all blue and bright like lightening.

I will put in my box,
All the special things,
Including my family.

I will put in my box,
My bed if it fits,
And I will not forget a cup of hot chocolate,
And the PS4 controller, click, click, click.

I wil chill in my box,
With my PS4
And sit back and play.

I will put in my box… By Sienna-Mai Fryer

I will put in my box,
Cute little puppies,
And very big Huskies,
Barking along to the songs I am singing.

I will put in my box,
The sweet smell of fresh fruit getting cut,
It takes me to the sunshine that I love.

I will put in my box,
Chocolate and sweet
These are my favourite snacks to eat.

Then I will sit back,
With my feet up,
And enjoy my treats.

My Magic Box By Clark Jennings

I will put in my box,
The smell of chocolate cake wafting out of the oven,
My ice-cream dripping down my fingers all sticky,
Homemade pizza bubbling with cheese,
Messy and sticky when you eat.

I will put in my box,
A rainbow as colourful as fireworks,
Raindrops bouncing off my bedroom window,
The summer sun shining on my warm skin.

I will sit in my box,
And listen to my dog Alma snoring as loud as the roar of a phone,
There is no better sound in the world.

My Memory Box by Robyn Lambourne

In my box I will put,
The warmth of my family,
The laughter of my friends, ha ha, ha,
The heavenly smell of scented candles, that burn bright like the sun.

In my box I will put,
The melt in my mouth mash potato that reminds me of mum,
My comfy and huggable duvet that keeps me warm,
Along with the cheeky chocolate that comforts me too.

In my box I will put,
The creamy smell of melted chocolate, soft and smooth you can taste it,
My teddies, all of them as cute as a button,
Lastly, but no means least, chicken nuggets straight from the oven.

I will chill in my box,
With the memories I have and remember,
The laughter and giggles, the warmth and love I have,
They are all mine and how lucky I am.

I will put in my box… By Sebastian Lee

I will put in my box,
A yellow, prickly pineapple,
The juice of a green grape,
It smells of tropical goodness.

I will put in my box,
My cute little brother,
His cheeks are so squidgy,
Like my smooth, squishy toy.

I will put in my box,
My PlayStation 4,
My bedroom so cosy,
And fluffy and warm.

I will chill in my box,
With my family I love,
And go for wintery walks,
In my bright yellow wellies.

In my box I will put… By Chelsea Mavengano

In my box I will put,
A luscious, lovely unicorn,
Flapping, flying around.

In my box I will put,
All of my favourite squeezy, squishing squishes,
And my favourite water guns going splash and splosh.

In my box I will put,
My amazing, sensational perfume,
It is as smelly as a rosey.

In my box I will chill and play on my Xbox 1,
With all my friends screaming AHH and HAHAHA
As my family stand in the corner, praying to the Lord,
How lovely, we have a child who followed her dreams and nothing stopped her.

I will put in my box… By Kyle Naylor

I will put in my box,
Wind blowing in my face,
Trees blowing swish swoosh.

I will put in my box,
Izzy, as dark as the night,
And as cute as a panda.

I will relax in my box,
In a hot tub that never gets cold.

I will put in my box… By Elizabeth Smith

I will put in my box,
The blue and black birds cheeping and tweeting,
My adorable, cuddly pets,
Warm melted chocolate ready to go in a cake.

I will put in my box,
My pet’s fluffy, furry fur,
Chocolate cake and cookies,
My snuggly, warm, cosy bed, as cosy as sitting next to a warm fire.

I will put in my box,
Unicorn’s eyelashes,
The warmth of my family’s love,
My favourite snacks and food.

I will live in my box,
With all my favourite things,
Then fall asleep and dream of my lovely life.

I will put in my box… By Max Wilbraham

I will put in my box,
Throwing snowballs at my dad,
Building snowmen makes me glad,
The crunchiness beneath my welly,
Even better than watching telly.

I will put in my box,
A full-grown T-Rex,
A full-grown spinosaurus,
A full-grown sabre-toothed tiger
And a lovely liger.

I will finally put in my box,
A family game!
Oh, nothing lame!
A hug from my mum,
And a high-five from my dad,
Oh, I love this family,
Even my grandad up above!

That’s what’s in my magical box!

This week Year 4 took part in a virtual visit to Chester Zoo.

Week commencing 25.01. 21 ... here's what Year 4 have been doing this week.

Christina Rossetti

Here are some poems written by our Year 4 children.


What are strong? By Lennon Charles.
What are strong? Metal and my mind.
What are heavy? Bricks and sadness.
What are happy? Giggles and smiles.
What are dark? Night and shadows.

What are flying by? By Caitlin Reynolds.
What are flying by? Stars and time.
What are frail? Plates and hearts.
What are happy? Parks and kindness.
What are brief? Summer and tomorrow.

What are deep? By Ollie-Scott Farmer.
What are deep? A hole and my soul.
What are happy? Love and kind.
What are heavy? A rock and my mind.
What are essential? Water and life.

What are strong? By Amelya Hunt.
What are strong? Waves and love.
What are precious? Family and happiness.
What are long? Trees and years.
What are complicated? Mazes and life.

What are essential? By William Platt.
What are essential? Water and life.
What are love? Gifts and friendship.
What are fear? Tears and death.
What are happy? Light and Jesus.

What are strong? By Clark Jennings.
What are strong? The current and my heart.
What are needed? Friends and light.
What are long? Trains and conversations.
What are weak? Glass and frustrations.

What are tomorrow? By Robyn Lambourne.
What are tomorrow? Day and the future.
What are sorrow? Sadness and blue.
What are warm? Summer and love.
What are power? Strong and defend.

What are happy? By Harry McCarthy.
What are happy? Friends and laughing.
What are sad? Being lost and crying.
What are needed? Happiness and love.
What are strong? Our hearts from above.

What are short? By Kyle Naylor.
What are short? Stones and lies.
What are needed? Oxygen and love.
What are happy? Truth and sun.
What are sad? Death and rain.

What are positive? By Abbey Pablo.
What are positive? Glowing and blowing.
What are happy? Smiling and glittering.
What are light? The path of freedom and the heavenly way to Jesus.
What are strong? My inner mind and the beauty of life.

What are needed? By Jacob Barker.
What are needed? Oxygen and love,
You can find them in the sky above

What are light? A candle and hope,
Without it, I couldn’t cope.

What are wanted? Friendship and food,
Mmm, that tastes so good.

What are thin? Patience and twigs,
Unlike some farmyard pigs.

What are strong? By Max Wilbraham.
What are strong? Sticks and stones.
What are brittle? Dinosaur bones.
What are long? School and life.
What are little? My dad’s knife.

Autumn Term 2020 Topic

Welcome back to the start of a new academic year at St. George & St. Martin Catholic Academy. What a strange year 2020 has been so far!  I hope everyone has come out of lockdown and the summer holidays healthy, safe and happy. It’s time to find a new normal, which we have started extremely well as we’ve started to settle into Year 4 life, and I’m excited for the year ahead. This newsletter will give you more information about what is going on in the classroom and what the   children will be learning.

This term is the start of new things at SGSM, as we move away from our traditional topics, and towards subjects taught more specifically, with their own individual mini-topics. This will begin as soon as we have all of the children settled back into our routines, and once we have plugged any gaps that have appeared due to the last 6 months.

Here is a taster of just some of the things that we will be aiming for in Year 4 this term...

In English-


Reading skills and questions

Newspaper report

Poetry with a theme

Character descriptions

Stories in imaginative worlds

Classic poetry

Diary writing


In Maths-

Place Value

Number: Addition and Subtraction

Number: Multiplication and Division

Measurement: Area and Perimeter

Measurement: Time


In Science-


The digestive system

Food chains




A  Creation and the story of Abraham

B Jesus teaches us how to pray

C Advent

D Christmas


In History-

The Iron Age



In Geography-

UK rivers

UK mountain regions

Planning a journey


In Computing-

Create a quiz

Give a robot instructions


In D&T-

Plan and create a textile product using stitching techniques.


In Art-

Pencil skills

Sketching techniques

Facial expressions

Body language

Digital art



Celebrating differences


Expressing yourself safely

Character traits

Negative characteristics


In PE-

Circuit training

Developing fitness



Autumn Newsletter 2020 Year 4

Year 4 Teams Class Photo

We thought we'd share this photo of our Year 4  class taking part in a Teams lesson!  Smile for the photo everyone!