Year 2

Autumn 2021

The children will learn through a range of lessons dedicated to each specific subject covered in the National Curriculum. Here is a taster of just a few of the exciting things we will be learning about this term:

In our exciting Maths lessons we will be learning:

  • Number: Place Value
  • Number: Addition and Subtraction
  • Number: Multiplication and Division
  • Geometry: Money
  • Geometry: Properties of Shape

In English lessons we will be reading a wide variety of texts and we will explore several different genres of writing including:

  • Diary entries
  • Recounts
  • Character descriptions
  • Nonsense poetry
  • Traditional stories
  • Classic poetry
  • Instructions

A large focus will be on handwriting, Punctuation, Grammar and Vocabulary

Our class author in Year 2 is Judith Kerr and we will enjoy reading a selection of her animal stories during this term!

In R.E. lessons we will grow closer to God through the themes of:

  • Old testament stories and prayers
  • Sharing in the life of Jesus
  • Parables and Miracles
  • Advent
  • Christmas

We will learn about our class saint – St Francis of Assisi

Our exciting Science lessons will focus on Living Things and Their Habitats.

We will learn about:

  • Comparison of things which are living, dead or have never been alive
  • Habitats and Microhabitats
  • World habitats
  • Food chains
  • Classification of animals including rainforest and polar animals
  • Ocean habitats
  • Water pollution
  • Endangered animals

In History lessons we will be focusing on who were the great explorers?

We will learn about:

  • Christopher Columbus
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Battuta
  • Amelia Earhart
  • Edward John Smith

Our Geography lessons this term will focus on:

  • UK capital cities
  • Human & Physical features e.g. coast, mountains
  • World – 7 continents & 5 oceans

In Computing lessons the children will learn about how to stay safe when using the internet.

We will learn to:

  • Program a robot to do a task.
  • Identify where a program goes wrong and be able to debug it.
  • Predict the outcome of my algorithm

In Art lessons the children will:

  • Observe the work of our class artist Clarice Cliff.
  • Know how to mix paint to create all the secondary colours
  • Create tints with paint by adding white and know how to create tones with paint by adding black.

In Design and Technology lessons we will be making a product with mechanical moving wheels. We will design, make and evaluate a moving vehicle and be able to suggest improvements which could be made to the original design.

We will also design and make a food product eg sangria / pizza

We will focus on skills of:

  • Cutting food safely
  • Weighing ingredients

In our P.E. lessons we will:

  • Understand the importance of health related exercise.
  • Create and perform a 4 part routine set to music in dance.
  • Work to improve our skills of co-ordination and stamina in football.
  • Practice swimming skills.

Year 2 Autumn 2021 Class Newsletter