Year 1

Summer Term Topic

It is hard to believe that the children are in their final term of Year 1!

The Summer term is going to be beasty!!! But of the mini kind, as our topic this term is A Bug’s Life’, which will be taught through a Creative Curriculum. We began our topic by walking down to INTU Potteries Centre to complete the Big Bug Hunt! The children loved experiencing the life-size models of the different minibeasts. They even got to slide down a giant ladybird’s back!  Last week we launched our new topic with visiting Giant African Land Snails. In the morning, our Head girl, Lottie Farmer, helped us learn a great deal about her unusual pets. We went on to learn about their anatomy and life cycle. We made our own collage versions of Henri Matisse’s ‘The Snail’.  The afternoon saw us creating a bug hotel, which we lovingly named, ‘The Ritz’.

The children will continue to learn through a Creative Curriculum in cross-curricular lessons which will cover all areas of the National Curriculum.

Here is a taster of just some of the things we will be learning about in Year 1:

  • Minibeasts and lifecycles. We hope to hatch our own butterflies from eggs, in the classroom.
  • Investigating food chains – all animals move, feed and grow.
  • Animal habitats – comparing our local area with Africa.
  • Caring for plants, animals and our environment
  • Using our English objectives to write riddles, reports and adventure stories
  • Reading, writing and ordering numbers to 100 and beyond
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Money, time and fractions
  • Multiplication and division

Year 1 Summer Term Newsletter


Spring Term Topic

The children in Year 1 have ‘turned over a new leaf’ in 2019 making New Year’s resolutions that will see them aiming high and achieving great goals.

We launched our topic ‘Toy Story’, with a fun-filled day with the children learning about Victorian toys and games. The children thoroughly enjoyed making their own cup and ball toy and they had a great time sharing and talking about their own favourite toys.

This will lead us into looking at different sources to discover historical facts about toys, including talking to older relatives and friends. To extend our research even further, we will be welcoming back a former teacher of the school who was herself a past pupil.

Our English work this term will focus on non-fiction texts. We will look at reports about toys and the history of toys, creating timelines in our topic work. Instructional texts will help us to make different toys and teach us how to play with certain toys and games.

Our Science work will help us to discover the different materials used to make toys both in the past and today.

This ever-popular topic will be enhanced with a visit to Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester.