Curriculum Intent, Implementation & Impact

Our curriculum is based on our mission statement of ‘Growing, Learning, Loving; United in Play, Prayer and Peace’.


Jesus is at the centre of our school and curriculum.  We want the children to be in awe of the wonderful world God has entrusted to us and the numerous gifts and talents He gave us.  

We offer rich and vibrant opportunities which draw upon meaningful real-life experiences. The curriculum is designed so that it is ambitious for all learners. Knowledge, skills and concepts are clearly outlined in an age-appropriate and progressive way from Y1-Y6 so that the children’s understanding is extended, year upon year. 

All children take part in a visit per term relating to their particular topic.  We want our children to know about a world beyond our school and to be prepared for this world.


Children are taught as part of a topic based approach.  This enables children to make cross-curricular links and helps them understand that subjects are related.  During lessons, children are told the subject focus of their lessons, so that they are able to distinguish the different subjects.

Science, Computing, MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) are taught where possible as part of the topic, however, they are taught discreetly when necessary.  RE & Music are also taught as a discreet topic.  The Catholic faith is interwoven in all that we do.

Staff recognise the need for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to develop their own subject knowledge, and supporting children in their learning.


Children leave our school as well-rounded individuals, who have developed a detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum to enable them to achieve well. This ensures pupils are ready for the next stage of their education.

We want our children to develop a love of learning and become life-long learners, achieving their full potential.