activemark_logo Activemark 2007

St George and St Martin’s received Activemark 2007 for holding a sports day, bettering the national average for pupils involved in sports leadership and volunteering and all pupils participating in at least 2 hours of high quality PE and school sport each week.


artsmark_logoArtsmark Gold

Artsmark Gold is the highest level of achievement a school can attain by completing all compulsory sections of the application form and the optional requirements for Gold.



Healthy Schools

Healthy Schools is not just about children and young people, it is about involving the whole school community. And it is not just what happens in the curriculum but about the entire school day. The whole school approach is central to Healthy Schools. By adopting this approach, schools ensure full engagement with the whole school community and can secure sustained improvements.


beacon_logoStoke on Trent Beacon Partnership

The school is a Beacon Partnership Lead School which means that staff from the school are involved in the dissemination of good practice to other schools.



The Financial Management Standard – or FMSiS – was released to schools in June 2004. The standard itself is a simple statement of what a school that is well financially would look like. The standard sets out ‘what’ should be achieved rather than ‘how’ it should be achieved. This recognises that for many of the financial processes there will be a variety of ways in which the objective can be met. It is about doing the basics well.