Year 5

After a refreshing break over the summer it’s so nice to welcome you all to the start of a new school year and to Year 5! It is already clear that the children are eager to sink their teeth into our new topic, ‘Secrets Of The Universe’, where we will explore Earth, the Solar System and beyond! The children will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of cross-curricular activities, here is a taster of what they will be learning about:

  • Planet collage using a range of techniques
  • Neil Armstrong and the space race
  • Earth, sun, moon and solar system
  • Light and forces
  • Tim Peake

During English this term we will be focusing on our class novel, ‘George’s Secret Key To The Universe’ by Lucy and Stephen Hawking. This will allow for a variety of interesting writing opportunities, as will many other elements of our exciting topic, giving us the opportunity to explore biographies, poetry, newspaper articles and diary entries.

In Maths this term we will be learning about:

  • Mental and written calculations for everyday situations involving all four operations
  • Recall quickly multiplication and division facts for all times tables.
  • Place value and rounding numbers
  • Negative Numbers

It is clear we have an exciting term ahead!