Year 1

Happy New Year to everybody! I hope you have all had a warm and cosy Christmas, spending time with your nearest and dearest. Here’s to a new year, hoping 2018 brings you all good health and happiness. After a very busy and successful Autumn Term, Year 1 are ready for round 2 at St George and St Martin, with a lot more fun and excitement waiting ahead. This newsletter will give you more information about what is going on in the classroom and what the children will be learning.

Spring term is set to be fun-filled in Year 1! Our topic is Alive and Kicking which will be taught through a Creative Curriculum. This topic was launched in to action with lots of fun activities learning about our bodies, how to stay healthy through diet, exercise and hygiene.

The children will learn in cross-curricular lessons which will cover all areas of the National Curriculum.

Here is a taster of just some of the fun we will be having!

  • Using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops to write short stories, instructions, recipes, fact files and reviews.
  • Sharing texts including- Handa’s Surprise, Funny Bones and various information texts.
  • In Maths- addition and subtraction problems, using the + – and = signs,working with money, reading the time, weight and measures.
  • In RE- Jesus: Teacher and Healer, Forgiveness, Lent, Easter.
  • Investigating what all round good health means and the good and bad choices that we can make.
  • Learning about the life of Florence Nightingale.
  • Observing the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo– making faces with fruit shapes and exploring stamping with various fruits and vegetables.
  • Exploring medicine both past and present– the effects and benefits.