Our topic is Land Ahoy! which will be taught through Religious Education and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, including the following areas of learning:  Religious Education; Communication and Language; Physical Development; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.In RE, we will be learning about Easter, Month of Mary, Pentecost, the Bible and Special Celebrations.

Our topic focuses on the role of the pirate and will include lots of opportunities for pirate themed role play where the children will have a chance to practise their new acquired pirate themed language. We will be exploring a range of texts which focus on pirate adventures aswell as sea creatures. As part of our topic we will be investigating the different materials used to make boats, exploring famous pirates and learning about the different creatures that live in the sea.

Here are just some of the many activities that the children will be involved in during the next term:

  • Daily phonics lessons to support reading and writing
  • Reading stories, poems and non-fiction texts linking to pirates and sea creatures
  • Developing an interest in counting and numbers by singing new number rhymes
  • Doubling numbers
  • Making signs for a treasure chest
  • Following instructions to find buried treasure
  • Pirate portraits
  • Designing a pirate flag
  • Making a compass and going on a treasure hunt
  • Problem solving to do with pirates/ travel and sea creatures

In some cases, the activities will be guided by the children’s interests.

Ahoy pirates! I hope you are ready for our new adventures!!