Welcome to your new Nursery year at St George and St Martin, I hope you are all excited and are looking forward to learning lots of new things in a fun and active way with your Teacher and key workers.  We are a great Team and are greatly looking forward to the year ahead.

We are ready for an action packed year.

Already the children have settled in so well these first few weeks of term, parents you should be so proud of how well they play, learn and interact with each other. All the children are doing their best to learn all the new prayers, songs, their friend’s names and the classroom routine.

The children’s topic this term is ‘My World and Beyond’.  We have started learning all about our families. The children shared detailed accounts of past experiences and information about members of their family. The children used the photographs that you sent in so thank you for making this a great success.

The children will access the continuous provision, the home corner, creative table , small world, construction and of course the outside area are where they love to play and learn the most.

During our PE sessions we will develop our listening skills whilst playing the traffic light car game.

We will be moving onto looking at different pets which will take us seamlessly into people who care for us, starting with Vets.

Every week the children will have a book of the week which purposeful and engaging activities will be centred around.  Throughout the Term   the children will also be hearing stories by our class author Mick Inkpen and using these as a basis for our continuous provision.