Curriculum Aims

1At St George and St Martin, we strive always to provide a curriculum which:

  • instructs our children in the teachings of Jesus Christ and the ways in which they can live their own lives as followers of Jesus
  • equips our children with the necessary knowledge and skills to live out our mission statement “Growing, Learning, Loving: united in play, prayer and peace” in order that they may play a full and active role in their home, school, faith and local community both now and in their future
  • teaches our children to treat everyone with love and respect in a diverse world
  • encourages our children to be the very best that they can be
  • meets the current learning needs of ALL our children
  • captures the interest of our children and enables them to enjoy learning, igniting a lifelong love of learning
  • equips our children with the appropriate key skills for their age and stage of development
  • prepares our children for the next stage in their school life
  • is relevant to our children and their everyday lives
  • teaches our children about the area in which they live, about Great Britain and about the wider world both in the present and the past

Learning and fun go hand in hand as we encourage our children to become independent and creative learners. Visits, visitors and other experiences are a key part of our curriculum and help to widen children’s understanding and increase their enjoyment.